Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Blog All About It Challenge: Winter

It's January 31st and that means it's time to post my January offering to the Blog All About It 2018 Challenge, hosted by the lovely Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup

This month's prompt is Winter and, despite thinking about what I could write about for this post on and off for a month, all I can think to write is THANK GOD IT'S ALMOST OVER!!

Winter sucks.

I live in a really old house. 
A house that was built in a pre-insulation era which means it bleeds heat through the bloody walls like they're made from cheese mesh and not red brick. 
I have large windows to let in lots of light - a hangover from being built in a pre-electricity era, I believe - but they're single glazed and drafty as fuck.

I have central heating, but it's old, the radiators are in stupid places and there is no thermostat - nope, not even built into the individual radiators! - so the house is either a permanent sauna, which costs us hundreds to maintain over the winter, or it's hot/cold/hot/cold. Or, of course, just plain COLD. 

The curse of renting in the UK.

If I owned this house, I'd have secondary glazing added to the nice - but drafty as fuck - old sash windows to help reduce heat loss.

I'd also have nice, sturdy, curtain rails to hang nice long curtains over the nice large windows to further reduce heat loss.

If I owned this house, I'd have a proper central heating system installed with larger radiators and flipping thermostats so the house was kept at a constant, livable, temperature.

I'd have the stripped floorboards in the hallways properly sealed so drafts didn't waft up from under the bloody house... I'd do a lot of things. But, alas, I don't own this house. 

However, I've lived in it for just shy of four years.
You'd have thought in four years, we'd have got the hang of winters in the place, but nope. 
Every year brings different weather, new quirks, new challenges.

We could have moved, many times, but I HATE how much money it costs us every time we move in fees, cleaning, deposits, etc. 
Plus, the village we currently live in - and are tied to now my son goes to school - doesn't have rental properties come available all that often as it's really in demand. 
So we've put up with it and put up with it and saved and saved and this year - hopefully as so many things could still go wrong! - we will buy our own house.
We have a new build reserved and should be ready to move mid-late Spring. 
I'm sure a new build will bring a host of its own challenges but next winter, at least we'll be toasty!!

The one saving grace of our current house is that it has open fireplaces.
It's awesome building a fire and sitting all cozied up with the family watching movies or cuddling up with a hot drink and a good book.
I really will miss the open fire when we leave but, at this point, that's about it.

House griping aside, I'm ready for the nights to lighten.
I'm ready for the mud to piss off and become nice firm ground again.
I want to be able to walk outside without getting constantly rained on. 
To leave for work, or the school run, and not have to rush out the house early to scrape off the car.
I'm ready to swap thick jumpers for t-shirts.
For driving through pretty tree tunnels, not desolate, skeletal, roads of misery.
I want 'picnics in the park and castle adventure' Saturdays, not 'let's play on the games console while we watch the rain' Saturdays.

I want winter to be over.
I've had enough of winter.
Bah, winter!



  1. WINTER SUCKSSSS! However, that fire looks toasty indeed!

  2. I used to love the cold but since I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia I can't stand it anymore.I can't wait till April.

    1. Oh Fibro sucks. I have a friend who has it and I hate seeing her struggles. Good luck with managing yours!

  3. I love winter time. Probably because it's so mild here and the summers are just brutal with 117F days. It's Feb. right now and it's in the 70's F all week. Too warm this early. #LoveofBooks

    1. Viva Las Vegas! One day, Mary, I'll be visiting your fair city and it'll be in winter for I don't think I'd survive the heat of your summers! lol

  4. Ah, that must be annoying, to not be able to update your own home because you don't own the house. Sorry to hear that.

    1. I can't wait until we move into our own home! Another reason why Spring can't come soon enough!

  5. When I visited England for a few months many years ago, the nearest thing to central heating in our digs was a little box you had to constantly feed coins into in order to keep a little gas firing burning in the living room. And it stank like kerosene and made your eyes water! I felt like I was living in the Victorian age!

    1. Oh my, that sounds particularly grim! I don't think the health and safety laws would allow that now, lol.

  6. Hi,
    I can feel what your feeling. I live in a house that is 130+ years old. No insulation, except what we've put in. We heat mostly with a wood stove....a gas furnace as backup. And we still freeze. Good luck with your new house. Have a great Day!

    1. Thank you! Our move can't come soon enough!

  7. I feel your pain, but the opposite- we live in San Diego, California, and in the summer our pre-insulation house walls get hot to the touch on the inside. We run two A/C units pretty much 24/7 and our electricity bill triples. But market prices are crazy high right now so we're not about to drop 750,000 on a regular-sized home. Renters for life :(

    1. Walls too hot to touch?! Flippin' heck :/

  8. I am so glad the nights are beginning to lighten earlier. In winter I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. It's nice to be able to see some sunlight during the day! I feel for you. I hope your weather is warming up and you are able to stay warm.

  9. I am happy Winter is almost over. You do have a nice fireplace to sit and warm up with.

  10. I love winter but a drafty house does suck. It's a constant battle here trying to keep warm in the winter. And our fireplace doesn't put out hardly any heat. I'm jealous of those with decent fireplaces.

    Hope the rest of winter isn't too bad for yall!

    Thanks for joining in on the challenge!