Sunday, 28 January 2018

I Did It Again...

I deleted a blog because it was stressing me out and I wasn't using it.

What a silly person I am... Yes, My Sunny Buzzy Life only had about three posts - despite having been live since the summer - but that's irrelevant. 

My intent for this space was always to post the things that I wanted to write about, that I felt didn't belong on my book blog, and I deleted it because it was sitting unused and I felt silly having it just sit there.
But who cares if it's silly?!
It doesn't need to make sense to anybody but me!
It's my little space on the internet.
So, here it is again.
Freshly (re)created and ready to roll.
This time around, I decided to keep the formatting the same as Sunny Buzzy Books to keep things simple for my simple self.
I'm also maintaining only one set of social media because I'd be atrocious at trying to up-keep double, and really, what is the point? 
The social media is mine. 
The blogs are mine. 
If someone doesn't want to see a picture of my cat - you're probably in the wrong place - then they can just keep scrolling and they'll get to the book stuff. 
If someone doesn't want to see the book stuff but wants to see the cat, then they can scroll past the book stuff! 

See? Simples.

Besides, it's not like I post a million times a day so I won't be clogging people's feeds... Well, except maybe on twitter. 
I like shouting into the empty nothingness that is twitter... But that's a separate subject.

I don't really know where this blog will take me.
It's entirely possible it will get the occasional post about something or other but it's also entirely possible it'll grow legs. 
Who knows?

Aren't you all excited?

For those who are new to 'me', as in those who haven't stumbled across my book blog, I'm Nicci.