Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Weight loss Journey #1

Back at the end of January, I posted about my decision to lose weight
I was feeling low. 
I'd finally acknowledged the need for change and truly meant it when I said that I was going to do something about it.
I also acknowledged that I had no clue as to how I was going to achieve my goal.
Then, yesterday, at work, I was chatting to a friend and colleague about how she was informally following Slimming World - having attended a group in the past - and was thinking about returning to a group. I commented that - having failed spectacularly going it alone with Slimming World online in the past - that I'd join a group if I tried it again. 
We agreed it'd be a good idea if we tried together. 
We looked up local groups and chose one that we'd both be able to commit to without other commitments regularly getting in the way.
We found one on Tuesdays.
Yesterday was a Tuesday. 
Instead of mulling over our decision and waiting a week, in which we could potentially back out, we decided there was no time like the present and took ourselves off to a group that evening!

I don't know what I was expecting in attending a group but I was pleasantly surprised.
A separate area was set up for newcomers where we filled in the registration forms and were talked through the methodology and the starter materials.
We then joined the rest of the group for the session where they discussed what worked for them, where they fell down, recipes and celebrated the success of members who had reached various milestones.
It could have been cringe-worthy or uncomfortable but it was actually quite motivational. 
After the group meet, the members left and myself and the two new starters were weighed and our target weights set.
My misgivings and misconceptions of Slimming World groups were laid to rest. Your weight is kept private. Your progress is discussed, but not your actual weight.
There is no shaming, no recriminations, no shame. 
Everyone is there for the same purpose. 
Seeing the 'target' members - those who have reached their target weight and seek to maintain it - was encouraging. 
Celebrating those who had lost, commiserating and encouraging those who had gained... It was good. 
I signed up for a 12 week course hoping that the fact I've paid for my sessions will help motivate me to attend, as did my friend who for the sake of the blog I'm going to refer to as the comrade. 
Comrade, for she is my fellow weight loss warrior and my companion on this weight journey.

Week on week, I'll update with progress. 
Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of something awesome!


  1. I'm glad this worked out for you! It seems positive and uplifting. It's always nice when you have people that you can count on, and also go to for support. Those relationships are important.

    I've been trying to get back into a good workout routine since having twins, but ugh. I just cannot find the time. I don't want to stay up late and do it, but I also don't want to try and wake up before the kids either. I've been trying to do it while they nap, but they don't always nap at the same time.

    Stick with it! Do what makes you happy!

    Do You Dog-ear?

  2. This is awesome! Good luck with your journey and know that I am cheering you on.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I bet this is hard to do too! I just found your site today during the hop! #LuckyIsReading