Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Weight Loss Journey #2

Last week, I wrote about how I'd finally joined Slimming World with a friend and this past week I have followed the eating guidelines carefully keeping within my syn allowance of 15 (or under) a day.

Day one was pretty tough. I was 'good' in the morning but by the time mid-afternoon rolled around I was expending a huge amount of mental energy to keep my butt at my desk chair and not wander off seeking chocolate. Or cakes. Or a biscuit. 
I work in an open plan office, there is always something sweet, sugary and fattening lurking around that people bring in for their colleagues to enjoy... However, I resisted!
The rest of the week went smoothly after that and as the week wore on I started to take a perverse pleasure in saying no to myself whenever temptation reared its ugly head.

The first three days, I had to stay on plan using only whatever I had in the house for I only food shop once a week. The second half of the week was much better eatin' as I could try some of the new recipes and factor in the guidance when planning my weekly shop.

Another challenge I had was that I went out for a meal with friends on Friday night. In order to ensure that I didn't blow all my efforts for the week to hell in one meal, I researched the menu in advance of getting to the restaurant and chose a meal which fit within the eating plan - more of less and was sure to add some syns.
I also resisted dessert which was a first!
I have a terrible sweet tooth...

By the time my first weigh-in came around I was a ball of excited nerves. I hadn't got on the scales all week so that I wouldn't be put off plan if they weren't immediately showing the results I wanted so the weigh-in was my first opportunity to see how I'd done.
I was really hopeful that all would be well and guess what? 
I lost 4.5lbs! 
I can't believe it. 
I'm so pleased and now I'm super motivated for the week ahead.
I'm hoping for at least a 2.5lb loss this coming week so that I can achieve my first award: the half stone award.

Wish me luck!


  1. You're doing amazing :) Keep up the great work!!

  2. Great news about the weight-loss plan! Office treats are an awful temptation, especially if the UK has, as the US does, bowls full of peanut M&Ms everywhere! #LuckyIsReading

    1. People in my office travel a lot so it's an unspoken rule that when you go away you bring back goodies from the country you visited. There is a lot of US candy. There's also a tradition of cakes on birthdays (and it's always someone's birthday) and then there's the goodies left over from meetings... It's endless.

  3. Way to go! Stay strong! #RainingRomanceBooks

  4. Whoo hoo!!! 4.5 pounds is amazing! I totally understand the office dilemma. My teammates are always baking and what not, and they have been getting us lunches, breakfasts and snacks at work since January. Way to use mind over matter and it really paid off.

  5. Wow! What an awesome job! Says in Raining Romance comment link to mark ir as i found you with #LuckyIsReading, but its trhe raining romance hop?