Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Weight Loss Journey #3

Another week on plan and I'm pleased to report another week I stuck to the plan!
That's right, I stuck to the plan throughout Easter.
I didn't fall off the wagon into a barrel of chocolate but I did have chocolate. I had half a chocolate egg and I just worked it into my syn allowance for the day.
Go me.

This week, I only lost 1.5lbs. 
I'd have liked to have lost some more, I said last week I was aiming for -2.5lbs and my first slimming award, but -1.5lbs is nothing to be disappointed about.
It is a loss. 
I didn't get my award but I still lost weight.
It brings my total weight loss to 6lbs which is nothing to be disappointed about seeing as I've only been following the plan for two whole weeks and this week I WILL lose at least 1lb to achieve my 'half stone' award.


  1. Keep at it. Some weeks will be better than others. #RainingRomance

  2. Oh wow that's a good amount though! That's definitely something to be proud of no matter if it fell short of your goal or not.

    1. I need to remember that sometimes!

  3. 6 lbs in two weeks is amazing! The claim is that the weight is more likely to stay off if you lose it slowly, so there is something to think about, and gold star for you and your ability to resist Easter candy.