Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Weight Loss Journey #4 & #5

Gah! I missed a weekly update so I'm combining last week and this week. 

So, last week I had a -2.5lb loss. 
I was really pleased with that as I'd stuck to plan all week and it brought my total weight loss to 8.5lbs and gave me my first SW award! 
Behold, the half stone (7lb) award. 

Sadly, things got... Harder, this past week. 
I have just wanted to eat ALL THE FOOD.
I have had bursts of sticking to plan and then I'd fall off the wagon and eat pizza.
(Ok, the pizza was part of the little dude's last day before back to school hurrah, but still. I could have just had the salad but I didn't want to.)

Luckily, when I got to group I still weighed in at a loss! -0.5lb!
I'll take it!
Considering how bad a week I had, I really don't deserve even that much.
 Here's hoping this coming week is much better.
I have 5lbs to go until I reach my 1 stone award (14lbs) and I want it!

Wish me luck!