Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Weight Loss Journey #6

Ah... Remember how I said last week that week 5 had been hard and I just wanted to eat all the food?
Well, that didn't stop.
In fact, I think I was worse.
Ok, I know I was much much worse.
I didn't just eat all the food this week. 
I ate all the chocolate, all the crisps, all the cake... I just wanted sweet junk food.
I just wanted to not have to say no to myself and eat whatever even though I KNOW I shouldn't, even though I know it'll set me back and it'll take me longer to get where I want to be.

This week, at group, I got on the scales and I'd LOST 1.5 lbs.
Last week, my net loss stood at -9lbs. 
My net loss is now -10.5lbs.
How in the actual fuck was that possible?!

It shouldn't have happened.
I was eating CRAP.
I knew I had to stop eating crap. 
I reminded myself of all the reasons I'm wanting to lose weight, I pictured the clothes I wanted to fit back into, I imagined how annoyed I'd be if I got in my own way... And I still got in my own way. This wasn't just a one day slip. 
This was everyday eating something I shouldn't. 
More than once!
But still. 
By some miracle, I lost weight...
All I can think is that it was because my meals were good and I was walking LOADS because of car issues?

Either way, I'm grateful.
I don't deserve it but I'll take it!
Next week has to be better...

Wish me luck!?

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