Sunday, 6 May 2018

Blog All About It: Art

I feel shame!
April's challenge was Art and, well, I epically failed!
I'm not doing well with this challenge...
I forget, then I panic and then I post late.
I must do better with this later this month for May's prompt!

I had no idea what to do for April's prompt: Art.
I'm not very artsy... But I do like pretty things!
So, in the end, I decided to share a mish-mash of art that I love!


I don't do it often - time is not my friend - but I love colouring in... Here are a few of my recent colourings! 

Favourite Paintings

They're all Van Gogh and they're all some variant on the 'Starry Night' theme. They speak to me...
I have framed prints of them hung up in my house and can stare at them for hours.

Fan Art

I love fan art. 
I live in awe of the artists and their creativity...
None of these pictures are mine, the pictures link to the artists.
Aren't they beautiful?!


I was going to round the post off with some gorgeous book covers but there are so many that I can't... I think if I'm going to delve into beautiful book covers I'll do it in a separate post.


  1. I cannot paint to save my life. My daughter and hubby can draw and paint really well. She sure didn't get that from me. lol

  2. I'm behind too. My art post will go up this month. Lovely VanGohs and ooh, on the fan art. :)

  3. I love Starry Night, it's my favorite painting ever. You're right that it does speak to people, I just adore it for some reason. I love to paint, draw, and write but like you time is not my friend. It's getting so hot here in Texas and I can only squeeze out like two hours at night but with all the fans running it's hard to keep the paper still.