Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Weight Loss Journey #7

Last week, I ranted about how I LOST weight despite eating like absolute crap and how this week had to be better...
Guess what? 
It wasn't.
I have no excuse. 
The only thing I can say is that it's exhausting. Losing weight is exhausting, and I haven't even brought the exercise into it yet.

At the moment, I'd say to lose weight you have to become obsessed with food. You have to think about everything you are going to eat and meticulously plan your meals and snacks. 
Eating out? 
Ha, good luck with that. 
It's totally possible but you're going to be spending money on a meal that wouldn't even be your sixth choice, let alone your first.
I just got tired. 
Five weeks of slimming and I just ran out of steam. 
The desire is still there but the determination broke.
But guess what?
I'm not going to quit.

I LOST another 1 lb.
Another week of eating like crap and I LOST weight, again.
I still think it's because I'm eating good meals and staying on plan except for when I fall spectacularly off it and devour a Papa Johns pizza and six packets of crisps. 
That happened.
I also had nachos when I went to see Infinity War with three cheese dips...
As I said, I had a bad week.
But when I wasn't being terrible, I was really good so it must've compensated.
I've also continued walking lots because my car has continued to be a dick and not work...

I'm now on week 7 of the journey and I've lost 11.5lbs.
You can see the difference in my face and clothes that were pinchy are now fitting nicely.
I'm achieving what I set out to achieve, despite myself, and I need to keep going!

This week, I want to lose -2.5lbs and get my 1 stone (14lb) award and I'm not going to manage that eating like crap!
My luck will run out at some point...
So this week it's back on it 100%!
I'm going to dust myself down and really go for it.
I've refound my motivation... Well, maybe?
No, I have... I totally have...

Wish me luck and chocolate resistance! 
I need it! I really really need it!