Sunday, 17 June 2018

Blogger Confusion

This blog was created to capture all the things I want to talk about that aren't book related.
The intention was to post about my weight loss journey, talk about movies and TV and the house hunt and the upcoming wedding and life in general.
It hasn't really worked like that.
I mean, sure I have occasionally posted about stuff but it's not a regular thing and this blog really is the severely neglected hanger on that gets no effort or love.

That leaves me with a couple of options:

1) Abandon this blog altogether. Delete and capture the occasional 'other' update on Sunny Buzzy Books.

2) Continue as is with the neglected creature.

3) Actually, put some mental energy into writing and maintaining this blog.

The lazy part of me wants to go with option one. I've had this domain for over a year now and I'm obviously not cut out for opening up other areas of my life to the extent necessary for keeping this alive.

However, the stubborn part of me insists I go with option three.
Put some effort in. Peel back the curtain on other elements of my life and enjoy it. 
Write whatever the hell I want about whatever topic I want. 
After all, this is my space on the interwebs.

But option three is scary. 
It brings with it all the questions of how much of myself to show. 
It opens me up to the bog people and trolls of the internet! 
Am I thick-skinned enough to handle it?
I don't know. 
Maybe the trick is to start off lightly and see where I go?

Either way, I don't think I'm deleting the blog yet. 
I did that once and re-instated it after a couple of months so... Yeah. It stays for now. 
I'll work out the rest later. 

If you are one of the few that occasionally stops by here, thank you. Hopefully, there will be something to read soon beyond my rambling brain dump on the fate of this blog!

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